Sabie Tube Race 2019 1

Sabie Tube Race 2019

As a kick off for 2019 the MBFi team headed down to Sabie, to take part in the annual Sabie Tube race. We stayed over at Jock Sabie Lodge and Rickus cooked up delicious potjies for the team. It was an experience to hear everyone’s strategies for going down the river the next day. There was a little bit of concern about the rainy weather but mostly excited anticipation for the tube race.

Everybody was up at the crack of dawn and after pumping up our tubes, the team headed to Linga Lodge. The rainy weather persisted but nothing could keep the team from grabbing their tubes and “rolling down the river”. Our fearless leader Jono, took us “a little” futher up river than we should have been, which lead to some really exciting stories when we got back that night. Upstream the river was a bit more bumpy than we expected. We burst a few tubes and came out with some scrapes and bruises but most of all it was a very exciting and thrilling experience for the team.